Friday, October 29, 2010

Romance Can Flee with MSG

It takes me forever to shop at the grocery store these days. As I wrote on my other blog I discovered that much of my fatigue, achy legs, fuzzy thinking, and heaviness of my limbs was due to MSG. Unfortunately, it's a bit more complicated to find things to eat than just looking for MSG on the label. As I learned by researching on the internet, it comes with many other names and ingredients.

I am so fortunate that my partner, Harry Borgman, whom I met on a dating site over six years ago (by following my own advice in my book) is very understanding. He has the energy of the Energizer Bunny. He has never retired from his art career and always has some project he can work on if I am dragging and want to rest. Hopefully, now that I have a glimmer of what additives to our food can do to me, I will feel better and better. I imagine that the devastation MSG can do to our bodies has certainly broken up more than one relationship. Or stopped creative achievements. It seems as if I have been tired all more life. Now I can get started on a whole new chapter, so to speak!

Harry by the way has had over 70,000 visits to his blog on illustration and art (see link) and I may never catch up, but now at least I feel as if I can try!

I urge anyone who has unexplained symptoms to consider a sensitivity to MSG or sulfites or any number of additives which are supposed to make our food taste better when in reality it just saves the food manufacturer money. By the way although most wine contains a sulfite as a preservative, there is available organic wine. You don't have a large choice but at least you can still have wine on your menu. I find that I can absorb one glass of regular wine with dinner one evening, but if I drink a glass the next evening, I get a mild hangover. Rats. Maybe I can convince the restaurants we frequent to carry organic wine.

Here I'll put in a plug for Marcos Bistro in Grand Rapids as they use no MSG in their food. I chatted with Deb, the chef's mother, and she assured me of that and related that she had had a bad experience with MSG at a tacos place. By the way you'll find the best Walleye you have ever tasted here.

In Bridgman the Grand Mere Restaurant keeps a bottle of Dry Sack Sherry for me which I totally enjoy. Maybe I can get them to exchange it for an organic wine. They have wonderful food as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I wrote the book, "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50, Love and Lust in Later Life". By following my own advice from the book I met Harry on the internet. There are over 49 other ways to meet a new love in it. I now have a special on my book, which by the way is good for almost any age, not only over 50. You'll find some excerpts from it on my website and easy ordering with Pay Pal. (See the link on the side of this blog)

Here's to romance against all odds. Will see you soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

There's Romance and Then There's Romance. Loving Life.

Romance takes a lot of time. Possibly I am getting slower. Bah! That can't possibly be it. I do find that when we have a good romance in our life, we find that we want to do more and we have more to do. I am trying to manage my home and help Harry keep up his. I have two lives with friends in my area and friends in his. Plus we have friends all over the world who have invited us to visit. How lucky I am but how swiftly life goes by. I think we have to sit back and try to look at our lives objectively in order to keep from totally exhausting ourselves. I have written numerous blogs in my head and want to bring you stories of other romances. There's romance and there's romance.

For instance I have a wonderful story of a friend who spent her vacation in Thailand helping to take care of abused elephants.

Then there's our health which if it is good allows us to enjoy our romance more fully. I inadvertently was eating snacks loaded with MSG to which I am quite allergic. After I finally realized that I must be eating something that was making my body unwell, I started reading all ingredients lists more closely. To my dismay I discovered that I was eating a variety of foods containing MSG under several different names. Since then I have been trying to detox to get that supposedly benign additive out of my system and am really reading all the ingredients of anything I buy using my special glasses with lights. And of course that's another story.

Then there's looking our best. When Harry (my internet romance) and I went to Jacksonville last year I accidentally signed up with Mary Kay cosmetics. I've always been interested in make up and because I am frequently in the public eye, I rarely go out with out gilding the lily so to speak! Anyway I have plans to tell you what I've learned about skin care and applying foundation, eyeshadow, etc with photos to illustrate each step. I also will show you how one of my Mary Kay friends has made herself look more glamorous. In the last catalog Mary Kay has brought back nail polish. I just love it! More on that as well.

And hopefully Harry and I will have more adventures to bring to you. A local artists group in his area is raising money to have one of his sculptures cast and placed on the Red Arrow Highway. I'll include his brochure in a future blog.
And last, but not least, my son Rusty has updated my website for my book,; "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50, Love and Lust in Later Life" with a special offer as well. Now you can buy the book for half price for a limited time and I have Pay Pal for your convenience.

Well, there's lots more to come but my cat Snicklefritz is staring at me and switching his tail so I will go down and feed him.

I look forward to any of your comments and your ideas. I'll also be posting on my other blog with guidelines to better romance and questions about romance that I have been asked in the past few weeks.

Of course there are many guidelines in my book as well as places to find a new romance. After all I found Harry on the internet!