Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wine with no added Sulfites

One more blog about MSG and then I'll go on to other things.

I came down to Harry's in Sawyer and I was almost recovered from the last MSG attack. I was careless and simply did not read the labels. I had no heaviness of the limbs, little mental confusion (getting better) and generally was feeling OK. Then I ate a danish roll which had calcium caseinate and Bam, I was back with MSG Poisoning, because that's what it is. I know I wrote about this before, but I want to stress - read the labels. Now I'm back here again in Sawyer for a few days and I have another list for you to read and save if you want to be healthy. I'm feeling good and want to stay that way.

Names of ingredients that often contain or produce processed free glutamic acid:
Carrageenan (this will produce symptons for me), Bouillon and broth (look for the free
Any "flavors or flavoring". Maltodextrin. Citric Acid (this is often made from a mold, Aspergillus niger and can be obtained synthetically from acetone or glycerol.. not citrus fruit as it used to be. It is in almost everything. Anything "ultra-pastuerized". Barley malt, Pectin. Protease. Anything "enzyme modified". Anything containing "enzymes". Malt extract. Soy sauce (Look for the MSG free). Soy sauce extract. Soy protein. Anything "protein fortified". Anything "fermented". Seasonings.

Incidentally wine can have (and usually does) sulfites which can affect you. However "Frey" wine does not have any added sulfites. Only naturally occurring ones and is made from organic grapes. It is made in California.

As we eat out often, I go only to restaurants which I know are MSG free. Even then I avoid soups whose broth may contain MSG and some sauces. Plain hamburgers are OK. Fruit juices are usually good. Some salads, but some are dipped in a preservative to keep them fresh. Steaks are usually OK but not in some popular restaurants which use tenderizers.

There are some other no nos for highly sensitive people but unless you ask for them I won't include them. I can't tell you how much better my health is without MSG. And I can think. My writing has gone downhill but I hope to gain that back eventually.

Monday, July 11, 2011

MSG again. Visiting Sawyer

I haven't blogged for some time because of MSG and all the names it hides under. I was doing pretty well, all symptoms were gone, and then I had a half of a danish roll. In a half an hour my arms and legs were heavy, I couldn't think-my brains were scrambled, and I felt miserable. I didn't read the label! But who would have thought a danish? Anyway I'm feeling better once again and devoted to reading labels thoroughly. At the end of this blog I'll post a list of all the names MSG hides under. And you can read more about it on the internet.

I spent a week in Sawyer with Harry over the 4th. It is not a quiet little town anymore. The new micro brewery is a big attraction. In fact they ran out of beer and had to close for a few days. The garden center gets bigger every year. It has both fresh veggies, flowers, wine, sprays of all kinds for plants, etc. It's always crowded but well worth the time.

There's the Scarlet MacCaw, a gallery of paintings, jewelry, and photos. You can even see some artists at work.

A grocery store, antiques and wig wams for sale can be found.

And a restaurant, Fitzgerald's, is attracting attention. Dave is the new chef and he is really good. The hamburgs are soooo juicy you don't even have to dose them with catchup or mustard. I like the smoked salmon and the crab cakes, too. On week ends there's always something special. Best of all, Dave uses no MSG.

Names of ingredients that always contain MSG: Glutamic acid, Monosodium glutamate, Monopotassium glutamate, Calcium glutamate, Monoammonium glutamate, Magnesium glutamate, Natrium glutamate, Yeast extract, Anything "hydrolyzed", Any "hydrolyzed protein" Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate (this was in my Danish), Yeast food, Yeast nutrfient, Autolyzed yeast, Gelatin, Textured protein, Vetsin, and Ajinomoto.

In the next column I'll include the names of ingredients that often contain or produce processed free glutamic acid.