Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting Mismaloya, Buying Jewelry in Mexico

Obviously I have not been active on this blog for awhile. I have many ideas but while the spirit is willing, the flesh seems to be weak. I just can't run fast enough to do everything I should. I'll keep trying.

I never did finish blogging about Harry's and my trip to Puerto Vallarta. Normally February is the prime month, but we were able to get the trip almost at half price so we packed our bags, called the cat sitters and were off.

One day we visited with a long time friend of Harry's, a photographer with whom he had worked in the 1960s, Al and his wife Carol, at Mismaloya where they have a condo. This is the area where the film "The Night of the Iguana" was made starring Richard Burton. His stardom and Liz Taylor's amorous visits to him there in the 1950s brought worldwide fame to Puerto Vallarta where each bought a home. In the late 1980s parts of the original set were still standing when I visited Mismaloya. Since then all trace of the film set has disappeared and a large hotel has been built.

This is how the cove looks today. It's no longer the pristine and plain small village it once was. On the left of the photo is the new hotel and condos. To the right are numerous little restaurants (tables and chairs stuck in the sand) where you can choose a freshly caught fish and have it roasted over an open fire and then served. As you sit there feasting on this delicious lunch, vendors come by with offerings of carved wooden figures, jewelry, etc. It's all part of the fun. One couple was very irritated with the sales people and felt bothered by them. Then I guess they shouldn't eat there or on any beach front because the array of goods being displayed is going to continue. You do have to be careful with your purchases, however, whether it's on the beach or in one of the little stores lining many streets in town. I stopped at a stand where a woman was displaying 'real' turquoise. First the price was too cheap and with examination, I could see the turquoise nuggets were stones which had been painted. On a much earlier visit to PV, I had bought a ring which I was assured was real amethyst. I had it appraised for an article in my magazine and it turned out to be a fake spinel. It's still pretty, but not what I thought it to be. My son on another visit thought he was getting a real deal when he purchased a 14k gold chain at the flea market. My appraiser said it was only washed gold, not even 10k. You'll do better at reputable jewelry stores of which there are many. Actually I've bought some of my most favorite pieces at HSN. They guarantee their wares and you can always return it.

I will say that many, many years ago when Cancun was just being built in the 1970s, my family and I went to a market outside of town. I purchased a beautiful fire opal set in ornate gold for $150. It was appraised at over $600. I doubt you would get that kind of buy today.

I digress. On a walk around the bay, I couldn't resist photographing this pelican. Really the views are so wonderful wherever you go and generally the weather so balmy, you just have to have a good vacation.

Carol and Al later drove into PV which is about a five mile drive of very winding roads and we had dinner at the famous restaurant Daquiry Dick's. I hadn't eaten there for several years and then we ended up dining there twice. One of their specialties is a red snapper on stick. It really isn't that wonderful and quite difficult to eat, but I just had to try it. It was worth it although I wouldn't order it again. Each restaurant is a little different and you have a great choice of cuisines. One of the world famous restaurants is German gourmet. Truthfully neither Harry nor I have had the desire to try it even though you'll probably read about it in every guide book.

There's another trip we took to Jacksonville, FL for the 50th anniversay of the Corvair which I have not written about and which was a result of Harry faithful blogging. I'll bring it to you on the Finding Romance after 50 blog (see link). He had designed the announcement ads for the GM Corvair. He has had over 53,000 hits on his blogs so far. You can find a link to them on the side of this one. He also has painted around a dozen paintings of a new series which I will show you on my next post. His gallery in PV wants about six new paintings and another gallery is interested in showing his art work in Ohio. More on that later, also.

I have been thinking about other ideas, trips, etc I want to bring to you. There is romance and there is romance. A friend of mine went to Thailand on her vacation as a volunteer helping abused elephants. I'm talking with her next week and will bring you her story soon either on this blog or the romance after 50 blog. I'm also planning to show how different you can look with the right makeup with before, during, and after photos of me and perhaps some other friends. That should be fun. While we don't always have to look fabulous, it's good to look good. You feel better. And this goes for men as well. Who wants to go out with a slob!

OK, friends I'll leave you now with a stunning photo I took in PV from our balcony. Have a super day. I love your comments. Let me know what you'd like to read about too. If I ever figure out Facebook and Twitter, then I'll be able to let you know each time I make a new post.

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