Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Long Distance Relationship

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While working on my book, "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50," I interviewed a couple who met on the internet. ( You can read their story on page 157.) I also discovered at that time one of my columnists, a vice-president for a local bank, who wrote about investments for my magazine "Choices" met his second wife on-line. Both couples were very happy and pleased with their experiences. When I had started writing the book in 1998, there were only a few general sites. Shortly after I finished my book in 2002, I checked back on the internet to see what was happening on the dating sites. I found there were an abundance of them. For instance, if you like horses, you can find other singles who also like horses, or dogs, or travel, etc.

I joined three dating services to monitor them and found at that time there were the most possibilities for older singles on Yahoo Personal. It was there I saw a picture of a man holding a cat that looked interesting to me (the man not the cat). I have loved and lived with cats all my life and while most of the men I had dated in the past, tolerated them, none shared my enthusiasm.

It turned out to be a fortunate choice. Harry (who draws the cartoons on this blog) is an artist with a similar life style to mine. He has three cats, I have two, and we had a wonderful time together right from the beginning. There are some problems such as getting our cats to get along with each other, and driving the 100 miles between our two homes, but basically it's a great relationship. What I'm saying is that you need to find someone who has the same interests and values as you do. We have both led independent life styles so we understand the self discipline it takes to be successful. Of course it's that very independent life style we have developed over the years that is making it so difficult to combine our lives. We love all our friends in both locations. It's too bad we can't just draw a circle and drop our lives and all our friends into it.

One of the guidelines that I suggest in my book is that you only date people within a 60 miles radius which seemed to work well for the couples I interviewed. Even though I had asked to see men within that area, dating sites often ignore the parameters you request. Within 60 miles it's pretty easy to drive back and forth, meet their friends, see where they live. The 100 miles Harry and I drive can be an effort. Now I am most happy that my wishes were ignored, but until we figure out how to combine his studio with his many computers in his Frank Lloyd Wright type house and my almost 100 year old house in which I have lived for ever and which is filled with my writing, photography, antiques etc. we cannot go forward. A shorter distance would have been really nice. We also travel a fair amount which we enjoy and we both have excellent cat sitters. This photo was taken in Las Vegas where Harry has friends from the days he worked in advertising in Detroit. You can read about those on his Harry Borgman Art Blog.

In my last post I mentioned my friend Sheila, a psychic and an astrologer. She called me last night about the full moon. Here's a few words about that:

The full moon, November 13 , was in the sign of Taurus the Bull. This sign is the second house of the zodiac and rules the neck and shoulders.It is the last phase of the moon opposite Mars. This position of the moon can make work quite difficult. However reverse psychology can work well at a time such as this. If you can identify the barriers that have blocked your progress, work at dissolving them.

The moon is actually good for healing and losing weight. Visualize the obstacle and focus on replacing it with what you DO want.

Sheila will talk about astrology charts, comparision of lovers' charts, and good times for love and success in future posts.

That's it for today. Tell your friends about this blog and join in the full. Lots more coming with stories of health, travel, and of course, romance.


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