Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Romance of Love & Life

Hi dear friends,

I'm back after giving a party for my oldest son, going to several parties, and then collapsing from exhaustion. I'll try to do better in the future as I think you'll enjoy what's coming up. As the cartoon suggests, I'm in this blog for the long term.

While many think of romance only in the terms of a love relationship, and believe a life is empty without one, I say we need to have a romance with life. I was a widow for 23 years and decided that I could have an exciting life with or without a man. Finally when I had almost decided that I was never going to meet that special person, I found a wonderful guy on the internet. He's the artist drawing the cartoons which appear on this blog and he's having great success with his blog as well. (harryborgmanartblog). But before I met him, I dated several others. I decided to have a good time regardless of whether I was smitten or not. I also decided to appreciate and have fun each day. which meant that I had to be healthy, enrich my mind, and fill other parts of my life.

As a journalist I constantly meet interesting people. In fact many people envy my life style as I travel many places, control my own life, and am or was fairly well known in the area. I always try to keep a positive attitude about whatever happens which include disappointments, too. I wrote the book, "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50" which describes through interviews with couples over 50 ways that people in several countries met that special someone and found romance. The photo to the left was the cover of a weekly newspaper special insert called Mature Life.

While I was writing my book, a girlfriend and I went on a cruise to South America and had a great time. While I didn't meet anyone during the trip, I did interview a woman who had set her sights on the First Mate and did in fact marry him. Another woman I interviewed years ago decided that she wanted to meet someone on a cruise. I learned that she had been a nun for 15 years and then left the convent. She married, was widowed, and then started going on National Geographic cruises. Actually she sailed on eight of them before she met the ship's doctor's father who had just lost his wife. There are obviously many ways to meet that special someone. But while you're looking, remember to have fun. To make your life more exciting, you can also consult your horoscope.

I have a dear friend, Sheila, who is a psychic and an astrologer. She will be giving tips every so often in this post. You may not believe in it, but it's still fun to read. After all one of our own first ladies felt that through astrology she helped to guide the presidency and may have saved her husband's life.

According to Sheila, astrology is a science, not a belief. "It is the study of the Zodiac, an ancient way of studying the "wheel in the sky" for all purposes, from weather conditions to predicting future events; even human characteristics. A horoscope is a map of the position of the planets at a specific time and place and a horoscope chart can be made for a person at the time of birth or at the present. The map or Zodiac has 12 signs or houses. Your birth day will determine your Sun Sign and that will give you a general idea of the characteristics you may possess in relation to the heavens.

"A chart can be as general or as detailed as you want it to be. For instance, late October and early November birthdays are grouped under the Sun Sign Scorpio. The chart would then give you the placement of the other planets, the moon, and a rising sign at the time of birth. The purpose for mapping a chart is to see where there are opportunities or "open windows" and what are the best times for say, romance, as well as cautions when you should wait. For centuries kings relied on astrologers to plan wars, marriages and other matters of state.

"It is also possible to compare the two charts of lovers to see how compatible they might be. It can be great fun and perhaps an insight into all kinds of endeavors!"

Well that's just a sample of the information you'll find on this blog. Please let me know what you would like to read. We'll talk about health. Occasionally about current events. Even a dumb thought of the day. I also plan to bring you on trips I will call our Glorious Adventures.

Stay warm.


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