Friday, November 21, 2008

The Power Play

In order to play the Romance Game, which is really the game of life, you need to believe in yourself. A lot of our self-confidence, our ego, or our inward power comes from our own mental perception of ourselves. If we feel badly about how we look or feel, our ego probably needs a boost. Now men may see this as a woman's "thing" and not applicable to them. Hold on.
There are substitutions for this fun solution I'll be talking about which will give you a boost,too, and I'll suggest a couple eventually.

I wrote about a delightful couple, Tom and Linda, in my book "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50" who met in adjacent fields of real estate. Linda, a widow, was rather unsure of herself. As manager of a title office, she was instructed by her home office to take local realtors out for lunch. Her sister told her she should wear some power underwear to give her confidence. "I had on my purple underwear and felt good," she said.

Power underwear can be purple, hot pink, or deep red. So if you want that little extra edge, go out and buy your favorite color. Not just one piece, but the complete ensemble. Go for it. Besides we all need a treat now and then. You might be surprised how good it will make you feel. How powerful. It helped Linda get her man!

Men could get that power tie. Or now your underwear is beginning to appear in pleasing colors and in a variety of styles. No longer do you have to have droopy drawers because you aren't built like Mr. America. You'll even find a variety of styles at the discount stores. Or how about that Egyptian cotton shirt for which you've been lusting.

Of course self-confidence is more than clothes - under or outer. But it's a good start. If you know you feel and look good, then that's one worry you won't have. And dating at any age can be a strain on our egos. Will we be attractive to the other person? That first impression is very important. This holds true for a job interview as well.

Now there's more to Tom and Linda's story which is on page 132. It was several years between the time they met and when they married. A charming couple. You can visit my web site to read more about my book @ where you'll find my email or order it from your local bookstore. You can also leave a comment for me on this blog. My book is for all people of all ages looking for romance. While, as I've suggested before, romance isn't the only thing which will make your life worthwhile, it surely helps.

If you look your best regardless of where you are going, then your mind is free to concentrate on other people and work/social events.

Enjoy. I would love to hear from you. I also plan to write about romantic trips Harry and I have taken which I'll feature as "The Glorious Adventure".


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