Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is Romantic Travel In Your Future? Astrology Forecast!

As I have mentioned previously, Harry Borgman, a well-known artist, and I met on the internet. He emailed me several times a day until I decided to send him my phone number as I just couldn't keep up with him. At the same time, Harry emailed me his phone number. After many, many conversations we met halfway at a restaurant as I suggest in my book, "50 Ways to Find Romance after 50". As we became better acquainted, we discovered our mutual love of travel. We also found that we liked the same city in Mexico...... Puerto Vallarta. I had a client there for a couple years so I had traveled there frequently. Harry and his late wife had enjoyed this fun and charming city too. Not only did we like the same romantic destination, we had both stayed in the same hotel, the Fiesta Americana, which at that time was owned by my client.

This is a beautiful area. We love walking the beach in front of many of the big hotels, watching the big cruise ships come into the harbor from our balcony, and dining in the most romantic restaurants in the world. We traveled there after we had known each other only six weeks. However, in that time I had met his friends; he had met many of mine. One of his daughters did wonder about his going to Mexico with a strange woman, but it worked out very well.

I'll write at further length about Puerto Vallarta in a future blog as well as several other places we have explored together. Originally I wrote about our travels in a newsletter called "The Glorious Adventure" which had many subscribers. Unfortunately it became terribly expensive to produce a print letter and so I will bring you all our fun trips on this blog. Stay tuned, as they say. Anyway, we have gone there every year since we met in 2004. We now have several friends in PV who have condos. I also get a chance to go horseback riding with my dear friend Pamela Aguirre at her place, Rancho Charro, just outside PV. She has horses trained by the Mexican Army and she always plans interesting trips for the horse lover. (See "links" under my profile for her website.) Thanks to the stock market I'm not sure when we're going back. Maybe next year. Of course I'll be blogging all our adventures wherever we go. In the meantime, think about taking a trip to somewhere romantic to enhance your relationship or just to relax and have a good time with a friend.

Well, it's time a look at what's happening in the astrological world with my friend Sheila.

The full moon is Friday, the 12th of December, and it is in the sign of Gemini. This is an excellent time to seek inspiration, divination, and brainstorming! You can do all three by using bibliomancy. You take a book of your choice about a subject you would like to delve into. Then randomly open the book and read the first sentence that you see. Or you can put your finger on a sentence and read the info to which you pointed. You can even use different books. Meditate on the messages you receive. Be creative! This could be a great time for some love poems or a book such as "The Prophet".

ARIES: Be flexible at this time. You may be meeting an unusual type for a friendship or romantic interlude.
TAURUS: Restlessness could be a part of a problem for you this holiday season. Keep healthy during this time so you will feel good. After the full moon, you may not come across to others as well as you think.
GEMINI: Don't get too aggressive during this time. It is better for you to take a time out if you didn't take the action required of you last year. Great time to set up plans for the future.
CANCER: You may feel left out of the opportunity pool as you contemplate the last few months, but some exciting adventures lie ahead with a chance to expand your education or experience. Perhaps with a love interest!
LEO: This time of the month could keep you hanging around the earthy types such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and paying them more attention than usual. You have a renewed optimistic view of life, particularly if you are willing to view things in a more ethereal way.
VIRGO: Security wins the day for Virgo and the rest of the year should be safe. You may need to watch out for that feeling of bewilderment from lovers and there may be an increase in responsibility.
LIBRA: Venus is helping you with plans and improvements with lovers and friends. You'll have more patience and there could be some serious responsibilities that go along with any relationship you have going.
SCORPIO: Simplicity wins the day for any holiday gatherings, dates or plans with lovers. Make some time for inspiring future transitions this coming February/March.
SAGITTARIUS: Having fun ? If not, you should be. Mars continues through your sign so expect a hectic holiday with lots of travel. A possible permanent move with a loved one is looking good this month. Big decisions are the main focus until Mars moves on.
CAPRICORN: Mars is also a prominent player for the sign Capricorn through February 4! This is a second chance to take the opportunities being handed to you. Social gatherings are a must so say "yes" to a new beginning or to a new love!
AQUARIUS: Fire sign people are on your side and the eath signs need some persuading from you. At any rate, people look to you for some joviality and excitement in the activities this season.
PISCES: Here's a risk-taker if there ever was one! You can't say no to a dynamic individual that introduces you to new opportunities. And, you'll have a great time.

Have a great day.

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