Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Astrological Forecast for Travel

In an earlier post I promised an occasional astrological forecast. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it's still fun to have a possible glimpse into the future. Remember, astrology is only what might happen to your plans. You will always have a choice of what you do. But sometimes, as when a planet is retrograde which our friendly astrologer Sheila explains below, your plans may or may not be easy to carry out. If you are forewarned, then you might be more persistent or you may be able to avoid a looming problem.

Since travel and/or romantic travel is frequently on our minds at the beginning of a new year, Sheila has fashioned a travel forecast for you. If you have any questions for her, click on 'comment' at the end of this blog and ask her.


Setting the date for your travels this year should include checking out the astrological aspects which might affect your plans. The day you leave and even the time is important. These aspects can result in a great vacation is you work with them in mind.

For instance, favorable lunar aspects, a sextile or trine between the moon and a ruling planet or sign, will be best just before the moon forms the aspect. A good aspect for Saturn, another influencing planet, would suggest a stable and predictable trip. Of course, Jupiter is the best, promising good luck and an abundance of everything you plan to do. Venus will bring romantic relationships, lots of social life, and relaxation. Mars will give you adventure and competition - and lots of action! Mercury favors communication and transportation; Uranus will spark surprises; Neptune is good for travel for the arts; and Pluto is great for sharing experiences and exploration.

Sometimes a planet will go retrograde which means it appears on a chart to be going backwards. When this happens, it is time to "re-do" things or to stay within the familiar pattern of actions you've done before. This is especially important with Mercury since it rules speed, distance, and transportation.

This year Mercury will be retrograde from January 11 to February 1. Trips taken with Mercury retrograde can be just fine, however I suggest that you stay with the paths you've taken before. Sometimes you may be surprised at what you missed on the last trip in the same location!

Mercury's retrogrades for 2009 will also be found from May 7 to May 30 and from September 7 to the 29th. It will retrograde one last time starting December 26 into the New Year through January 15, 2010. Waiting a week after Mercury begins to move forward again will open the door to new adventures and you will be in the clear.

Since the moon is in CANCER at the retrograde, CANCERIANS may want to tighten the budget since it's a lean year. A low key vacation may be the ticket. Be sure the car is in good running order. The best times for you to travel are in March (to a familiar place), June and July, and in September and October, again going back to the places you've been before.

GEMINIS need a little restraint on travel this year. How about a trip to a health spa or a visit to an old friend? Last minute details won't ruin anything and February, July, and October throughDecember are the best times for a trip.

LEOS are out of their usual element going low key on their travel this year. Reconnecting with old friends and reliving the good old days are great activities for LEO, but February and March are the best times for a trip. May and June may bring tight finance so it's better to wait until October to seek out a new adventure.

Sharing is going to be a challenge for ARIES all year and that includes sharing a destination space. From March through May, it would be best to stay in familiar places, perhaps a reunion with friends who have an interest in historical sites. TAURUS may long to find earthy connections and agricultural abundances. January and September are good times for such jaunts.

Family obligations may cause SCORPIOS to alter travel plans. If you can blend work with travel, you can take spontaneous trips from July through December if you can decide with whom to vacation! And just as with most of the other signs, VIRGOS will not have the normal range of opportunities to hit the road, but that minimum travel will be a great deterrent for any overspending. June and July are your best bets for vacationing.

This can be a great year for LIBRA for group travel with family and friends. Do something unusual! A good idea is to have everyone chip in. July and August are good for short range trips. SAGITTARIANS can expect some exciting adventures this year with many friends eager to join you. February through March is the best time, but be flexible as a job change is possible this year.

Last year was a rocky times for CAPRICORNS and it's not over yet. Look for some relaxation. This year will present some interesting opportunities that you should not be pass up. Travel alone in January if you must, but in July something big is coming your way. AQUARIANS shouldn't bypass a possible trip to a place you've long desired to go and it's a perfect time to share it with a good friend. February is a most favorable time as it will become hectic at the end of the year.

PISCES needs to tend to unfinished business this year and may have to travel to get it done. January will be the easiest time to accomplish this as long as it's not anything completely new. June, September and November are also good. Family issues may be prominent in August which could slow down travel plans.

VENUS is the next planet to go retrograde on March 6 and could affect romance. We'll check that out in the near future.

This may not be the most fabulous year in which to travel, but with careful planning and awareness of possible problems, you can still have a great vacation.

By the way, the Chinese New Year is January 26 at the time of the New Moon. Happy New Year to all!

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