Friday, January 2, 2009

Romance, Good Health, Great Travel in 2009

Happy New Year! Now is the time to plan what we would like to find, improve, and discover in 2009. A whole new start, so to speak. Forget about what we did or did not do last year. We have a clean slate on which we can write a new future for our romance game. It may be we wish to find a new romance. Perhaps we would like to improve our health which is really necessary to pursue the romance of anything. What about a little more glamour? How about romantic travel? There is certainly romance and beauty in many countries. You can fall in love with the beautiful wine country in California, in Italy, in France, for example. We can have a fabulous year ahead taking our romance road in a number of directions. When I met Harry on-line I opened a whole new world of excitement. But I must add that while single, I had a number of delightful experiences such as visiting my son in Singapore, going on a cruise with a dear girlfriend, and writing my book about romance. You cannot stop living until you find that elusive romance for which you have been seeking.

My major problem is finding the energy to do everything I want to do. In this blog I will explore health and give tips about what have helped me. I'm always looking for new make-up ideas and discus permanent eye liner which I absolutely love. As my photos are selling rather well, Harry (my honey) and I may plan a trip looking for new photo subjects for a new gallery show and I'll obviously keep you posted. The world can be your oyster if you try.

This is one of my favorite photos in my show of doorways and gateways in Mexico. During most of the year you can see them at the Scarlett Macaw Gallery in Sawyer, MI. However, eventually Harry and I plan to develop a site at which you can see the entire photo show as well as some of his wonderful photos of Lake Michigan and some beautiful handmade pottery and jewelry from talented artists in the area. I'll keep you posted. So much to do and so little time, it seems.

So let's begin! Find a pad or a spiral notebook in which to write your objectives. Is a new romance your major goal this year? How's your health? Do you like travel? Do you want to learn a new art or craft? What really is your heart's desire? Write your ideas down.

Let's discuss romance. What is it that you would like to find in your new friend with whom you would like to have a romance? In my case I wanted someone who liked cats. I had dated many men in the 23 years that I was a widow and they all were rather unexcited about cats - or other animals - all of which I love. Most thought I was an interesting date because I had been so many places and was a fairly well-known writer/photographer in the area. They liked to be with me because I knew so many people and almost always had a smile on my face. It's amazing how many people will respond to a warm smile. Oddly, I really had no description in my mind for my new romance. A friend of mine was widowed and she had a mental picture of how her date should look. Most emphatically the man had to have hair. I think that was because her late husband had been bald most of their married life. She was more interested in looks rather than fun. Sadly she refused dates because no one measured up to her expectations and she died alone.

I was looking for someone who, besides liking cats, enjoyed dining out and travel, was kind and who liked me. Unfortunately, sometimes some men really don't like women and I think the reverse is often true as well. We each want to be accepted for ourselves. Don't ever meet someone and then plan to make them over. It doesn't work. On the other hand, no one is perfect. I am certainly not. You can sometimes moderate a behavior, but people rarely change.

I was lucky. Not only does Harry like cats, he likes my rather large collection of shoes. Plus he seems to enjoy shopping with me for more! How perfect can one man be. He especially likes the sexy, high-heeled kind which I find attractive as well. The only problem is that our way of life is relatively casual so we have to plan occasions during which I can wear them. He even doesn't mind going to my favorite store, Chico's, at which I almost always find something new to wear. As we still cannot decide where to live - and it may well be that we will live a month at each home - I am dividing my shamefully but happily large wardrobe between his house and mine. I am really getting tired of packing each time I drive there.

Well, you have your assignment. Think about the person you would like to meet. Do you like horseback riding for instance? Do you prefer to stay home and read? Do you like yourself or what would you like to improve? How happy are you with your life or what would you like to change?

However, don't plan your whole future on meeting that perfect someone. Enjoy the journey on the romance road. You might find some fascinating people, places and activities along the way. Please let me know how you are doing. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.

There are wonderful adventures just waiting for us around the next corner.

Good luck! Your queen of romance, Gloria

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